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Sunday, July 2, marked a memorable day of fun, colour, and excitement as Housing Finance Bank joined the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) for the highly anticipated NSSF Kampala Hills Run at the Kololo Independence Grounds. The bank’s participation in this renowned charitable event demonstrates its commitment to transforming public schools in Uganda and fostering sustainable development.

The recently concluded NSSF Kampala Hills Run aimed to raise UGX 1 Billion to refurbish public primary schools, enhance sanitation facilities, and provide digital labs. This 2023 edition was built upon the success of previous runs, where up to 15,000 pupils in the districts of Kampala, Soroti, Kisoro, and Otuke benefitted from renovating 60 classroom blocks and improved sanitation in 13 primary schools. The event showcased remarkable athletic achievements, with Sam Wamuno winning the 21-kilometre race in the men’s category, Latif Kisamba securing victory in the 10 kilometres men’s category, and Doreen Agaba emerging as the women’s champion.

We have been able to raise about 948 million shillings, 400 million in cash, and the balance in kind. It has been great, considering we had a target of one billion shillings. Close to 8,000 people turned up for this run, which is very encouraging after the Covid break,” said Patrick Ayota, the A.g Managing Director of NSSF.

Housing Finance Bank has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive education support, enabling convenient, affordable, relevant and empowering solutions to all Ugandans. The banks initiative to foster education growth are evident by the a range of financial solutions the Bank offers. These include working capital for school owners, bridge financing, incremental loans and  vehicle financing to address the pressing infrastructural and financial challenges faced by schools across the country.

Micheal Mugabi, the Managing Director at Housing Finance Bank, emphasized the pivotal role of education in fostering economic success, social progress, and the achievement of Goal 4 of the sustainable development goals. By actively participating in initiatives like the NSSF Kampala Hills Run, the bank reinforces its commitment to continually seeking opportunities to grow and set foundations for future pilots, teachers, engineers, marketers, and bankers.

As an indigenous bank, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education in creating a high-skills, knowledge, and innovation-based economy for sustainable development. By participating in initiatives like the NSSF Kampala Hills Run, we demonstrate our commitment to empowering the education sector and shaping a better future for all Ugandans,” said Micheal Mugabi, Managing Director at Housing Finance Bank.

Housing Finance Bank extends its deepest gratitude to all the individuals, organizations, and runners who joined forces in supporting this noble cause. Their collective efforts will have a lasting impact on enhancing education infrastructure and promoting sustainable development in Uganda.

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