Toto’s Treasure Account

This is an innovative account targeting children right from the early age up to the child’s 18th birthday. Parents or guardians start saving early for the benefit of securing the financial future of their children. After the 18th Birth Day, the account is automatically converted into a Classic Savings.


  • Opening balance of 30,000/=
  • Minimum balance of 20,000/=
  • 1 free withdrawal per quarter
  • Interest earned on credit balances


  • Enables parents save for children’s needs
  • Interest earned on credit balances
  • 1 free withdraw per quarter

What you need to get started:

  • Valid Identification for parent /guardian
  • 3 passport photos for parent/guardian and for the child
  • Birth certificate/Immunization card for child
  • Referee- known Housing Finance Bank customer for 6 months/letter from employer/law firm
  • Duly completed account opening forms

Call Center Number

Phone: +256 417 803 000

Whistle Blowing Hotline

Phone: +256 702 010 905

Visit a branch

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