Toto’s Treasure Account

Our Toto’s Treasure Account, is a savings account targeting children from birth to 18 years.The Toto’s Treasure Account, creates avenues where parents can inculcate a savings culture amongst their children while saving for their future financial needs at the same time.


  • Opening bal. UGX 30,000/=, USD/EUR/GBP 50
  • bal. of UGX 20,000, USD/EUR/GBP 30.
  • Interest of 3% accrued daily and applied Quarterly
  • No a/c maintenance fee
  • Charge for extra withdraws of 10,000/=, USD/EUR/GBP10.
  • Access to a savings box (optional and at a fee to customers)
  • Automatic migration of customers to U-Savers upon attainment of 18 years
  • Option of a Prepaid MasterCard


  • Ability to save for children’s education
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Access to a savings box
  • Access to life & education insurance benefits
  • 1 free withdraw per quarter

Fees and Charges:

  • No a/c maintenance fee
  • Charge of UGX 10,000, USD 10, GBP 10 and EUR 10 for extra withdraws in the quarter


  • Birth certificate/Immunization card/ baptism card.
  • Valid Identification for parent /guardian
  • 2 passport size photos for parent/guardian and 2 for the child.

Requirements For Non-biological Child:

  • Guardianship order where available
  • The parent should come to the Bank and write a letter authorising the guardian to open the Toto’s account.
  • In case the parents are deceased, the copy of letters of administration and/ or death certificate should be obtained.
  • In the absence of all the above, the guardian should provide a letter signed by the local authority/leader e.g. Church, CAO etc. that is verifiable by call back.

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