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1. Why am I getting a new card?

At Housing Finance Bank, we always provide our customers with the best product in the market. This card comes with additional features and benefits not available in your existing card especially the ability to transact using the card at different points of sale both within and outside the country.

2. How do I get my new card?

Visit the nearest branch and ask for a new card. The card will be made instantly and issued to you before leaving the branch. You will be required to select a PIN of your choice and walk away with your card within a few minutes ready for any transaction.

3. What is the Housing Finance Bank MasterCard?

The Housing Finance Bank MasterCard is a debit card that relies on funds that a customer has on their account to make transactions. It does not have a line of credit for the customer.

4. Where can I use my new card?

You will be able to use the card at all Housing Finance Bank ATMs/ other bank ATMs with Interswitch or MasterCard logo and to make purchases at no additional cost at any merchant location wherever you see the MasterCard logo.

5. How do I shop with my new card?

  1. At any shop that you see the MasterCard logo, inform the merchant that you wish to pay using your MasterCard
  2. The merchant will take your card and insert it into the POS terminal
  3. Verify that the amount on display is correct
  4. Key in your PIN, making sure no one is able to see it
  5. Your purchase will be authorized within seconds

6. Why does my card have a chip?

This chip represents an additional layer of security allowing you to shop more safely than ever before

7. How do I keep my PIN safe?

  1. Never reveal your PIN to anyone including the merchant and your family members
  2. Do not let them enter the PIN on your behalf
  3. At the ATM, ensure that no one is watching over your shoulder

8. What do I do if I forget or lose my PIN?

Please call Housing Finance Bank Contact Center on +256417803000 for a replacement.

9. What if I lose my card?

Report your loss immediately to Housing Finance Bank either by visiting the nearest branch or calling the Bank Contact Center on +256417803000. This report will prevent future authorization of transactions made against that account.

10. How do I retrieve my card in case it is retained in another Bank’s ATM within or outside Uganda?

  1. Please note that only cards with suspected fraudulent transactions are captured otherwise your card will be ejected.
  2. In case your card is captured outside Uganda, report to Housing Finance Bank using the Contact Center number +256417803000 immediately
  3. In case your card is captured in Uganda, report to the nearest branch

11. What is the process in case of retraction of funds in another banks ATM?

  1. Report to the nearest branch or call the Housing Finance Bank contact center on +256417803000

12. Can my MasterCard work in a VISA ATM or at a VISA Point of Sale terminal/machine?

MasterCard works in any ATM/POS labelled MasterCard and this could have VISA as well. If the POS/ATM has only VISA and no MasterCard Label, this cannot work.

14. Do I need to notify the bank in case of travel to enable my master card transact while outside the country?

It’s not necessary for you to notify the bank in case of travel out of the country. However, if you wish to limit card use while abroad, you can notify the bank for ease of identification by calling the Contact Center on +256417803000.

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