Salary Loan

Our salary loan is an unsecured loan tailored for salary earners, meant to cater for personal needs.

The salary loan comes in two types:

Personal Loan:
The personal loan is extended to customers based on letters of undertaking from employers to remit monthly salary to the bank through the borrower’s account.

Scheme Loan:
The Scheme loan is a personal loan for employees of a company, which is administered through an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) between HFB and any participating organization. The schemes usually have special terms that are already agreed upon.


  • Applicant’s employer should be vetted by the Bank
  • Applicant must have a salary account with HFB.
  • At least one salary payment should have been received in the HFB account for the applicant
  • Must be confirmed in present employment
  • Minimum net salary of UGX. 100,000
  • For employees under contract terms of employment, the loan period should be within the remaining period to the expiry of the contract


  • Maximum Loan of a period of 60 months
  • Letter of undertaking from the employer to remit salary to the customer’s HFB account.
  • Monthly repayment must not exceed 50% of the customer’s monthly net income
  • Loan amount: Min: UGX.500, 000; Max: UGX. 120,000,000
  • Borrowers qualify for a top-up loan after 6 month’s repayment available in UGX and USD
  • Personal Loan Protection Insurance – In case of death, disability, loss of employment.


  • Availability in UGX and USD
  • Personal Loan Protection Insurance – In case of death, disability, loss of employment.
  • Discounted interest rates.
  • Access to an unsecured loan of up to 120m.
  • Ability to top up after 6 months.


  • Deed of Undertaking (on employer’s headed paper and signed by authorized signatories)
  • Employee’s Appointment/ Contract Letter
  • 2 Latest / most recent Pay Slips
  • Valid Identification document and CRB card
  • 2 Recent colored passport Photos
  • Signed Consent to CRB
  • Salary Account Statement (if salary account is not held at HFB).
  • A sketch map to applicant’s residence

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