Swift Loan

Are you a salary earner? Is your employer ready to undertake to remit your monthly salary through an account in Housing Finance Bank, then the Swift loan would be the appropriate facility for you. You can use this loan facility to meet your personal obligations.


  • A maximum of 120 million shillings can be accessed for this loan and its payable within a period of 60 months.
  • We however, have arranged special schemes with employers where Swift loan limits have been raised up to 300 million.

What you need to get started:

  • Applicant must have a salary account with the bank
  • Employer’s letter of undertaking
  • 2 passport photographs
  • A copy of a valid identity card from the work place
  • A copy of employment contract (where applicable)
  • Six months bank statement(where applicable)
  • Two pay slips (where applicable)
  • Credit reference Bureau (CRB) registration confirmation form or card.

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