Have the flexibility to exchange a wide range of currencies that you need at very competitive foreign exchange rates.

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Foreign Exchange Cash and Transfer Transactions

Make payments in foreign currency abroad in over 35 currencies to facilitate and grow your business at competitive foreign exchange rates.

The currencies for foreign exchange conversion include:

USD Cash 3645 3820
USD Transfer 3645 3820
USD small Bills (1-20) 3510 3820
GBP Cash 4482 4764
GBP Transfer 4840 4147
EUR Cash 3840 4147
EUR Transfer 3840 4147
KES Cash 30.07
KES Transfer 30.07
ZAR Cash 149.16 239.59
ZAR Transfer 165.86 239.59
JPY Transfer 22.09 35.66
CHF Transfer 3958 4288
INR Transfer 54.30
CAD Transfer 2580 2907
TZS Transfer 1.18 3.58

Date: 30-May-2023

Foreign Exchange Forward Contract

Protect your business against the uncertainty that comes with foreign exchange volatility using a foreign currency forward contract. This is a hedging tool the uncertainty that comes with foreign exchange movements.


We structure customized solutions to suit your foreign exchange needs to hedge against the uncertainty that comes with volatility.

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