A short to medium term loan targeting salary earners who want to access loans that are bigger than what the swift loan can offer

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The loan is fully secured by collateral. The following categories of applicants are also considered herein;

  • Customers whose contract period is less than the required loan period
  • Employees whose employers have not been successfully vetted by the Bank
  • Employees whose employers are not willing 8 to sign the letters of undertaking to remit their salaries to the HFB account
  • Self-employed customers who earn salaries from their companies

Product Features

  • Secured by any of the collaterals acceptable to the Bank
  • In addition to their salary, customers can use other sources of income
  • Minimum loan amount of UGX 1Million
  • Maximum loan amount depends on customers capacity
  • Loan period – 60 months
  • LTV is as per the credit policy


  • Available in UGX and USD
  • Flexibility of extending credit services to customers from un vetted organizations
  • Multiple sources of income can be used
  • Ability to lend to customers above the 120M cap

Basic Requirements:

  • Employee’s Appointment/ Contract Letter
  • Letter of introduction from the employee’s organization
  • Copies of 2 latest / most recent Pay Slip
  • Valid Identification
  • Two recent Passport Photos
  • CRB card
  • Signed Consent to CRB (signed at HFB)
  • Salary Bank account Statement for at least 6 months (if salary account is not held at HFB)
  • Title or acceptable collateral documents

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    Loan FAQs & Details

    Must I have an account with you to qualify for a loan?

    Yes, you must have a savings account with us before you qualify for the loan. The account must also hold at least the equivalent of one installment of your loan repayment as minimum balance for you to qualify for any of our mortgages. For more information about our savings accounts please click here.

    What happens in case of change of employment?

    In case of change of employment we would expect you to communicate to us and let us know about your new employment so that the necessary arrangements can be done to enable you avoid arrears and make payment easier for you.

    Where can I find a Housing Finance Bank branch?

    In order to provide efficient, innovative, customer centric financial services so as to maximize stakeholder value we have several branches all over Uganda, click here to locate a branch near you.

    How do I qualify for a loan?

    It is easy all you need is:

    • Have an account with us
    • Ascertainable monthly income
    • Have copy of the land title
    • Copy of approved building plans
    • Bills of quantities of outstanding work
    • Photographs of four elevations of the building

    For more information on the various types of loans click here.

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