Housing Finance Bank Fraud Awareness

Fraud is any activity that relies on deception in order to achieve a gain. Fraud becomes a crime when it is a “knowing misrepresentation of the truth or concealment of a material fact to induce another to act to his or her detriment”.

What is Fraud?

Fraud can be described as an unlawful and intentional making / misrepresentation of material facts

Cheque Fraud

This fraud is usually committed in various forms including counterfeit cheques

ATM Fraud and Safety Precautions

Maintain the privacy of your personal identification number (PIN) and ...

Online Payment Fraud

Refers to any type of fraudulent online transaction carried out by a fraudster

Identity Theft

The illegal use of an unsuspecting individual’s personal or financial information ...

Cash/Deposit Suppression

Delaying or restricting or preventing a customer or the bank ...

How To Report Fraud

Regardless of whether the fraud is only suspected or is a confirmed incident, always notify the bank right away. Promptly reporting any possible fraud increases your chance of recovery and helps protect others. You can make a report by:

Contact Center

Call the following hotlines

0417803000 or 0200803000

Whistleblower Portal

Report through the bank’s whistleblower portal


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