Save Plus Account

Our Save Plus Account is an incremental savings account for future investments with embedded insurance benefits and targets low and medium savers.


  • Opening balance of UGX 50,000
  • Minimum balance of UGX 30,000
  • 1 free counter withdraw per quarter
  • No monthly management fees
  • Penalty for below minimum balance of UGX 10,000
  • Charge for extra withdraws UGX 10,000
  • Interest of 3% accrued on daily basis and paid quarterly
  • Access to the following insurance benefits for customers with balances over UGX 500,000 and have transacted at least once in the month of incidence; Life Insurance, permanent disability, funeral benefit and hospital cash cover.
  • Option of a prepaid MasterCard to apply


  • Attractive interest rates
  • No A/C management fees
  • 1 free withdrawal per quarter
  • Free enrolment on SMS and Internet banking.
  • Access to Life insurance cover of up to 4times your account balance up to UGX 12.5M.
  • Permanent Disability Cover of up to 2times your account balance.
  • Medical Cash Benefit of Ugx50, 000 per day for 14 days in case of hospitalization.
  • Funeral expenses of UGX 1M


  • Valid Identification (National ID, Passport, Driving Permit)
  • Two Passport size photos
  • If a valid national ID, Passport or Driving Permit is used, then a referee is not required.

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