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What the purpose of the mortgage is:

Construction, purchase, extension or improvement of residential & commercial residential properties, and purchase of plots in urban areas within Kampala and its suburbs.


To be sure that your mortgage is affordable, the amount we lend you must have a monthly repayment amount not exceeding 35% of your ascertainable monthly income. Where your regular income is not sufficient, additional security may be required.

The Company will confirm stated income with your employer.

The self-employed will be required to submit audited accounts for the last two financial years together with business particulars e.g. Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, and Company Returns.


The property must have a valid land title and building plans with local authority approval. Construction must be in permanent materials and the building serviced/to be serviced with water and electricity.

Loan Size:

Currently, minimum of Ug Shs. 5million property, depending on the property location and value. The loan available will not exceed 70% for construction of residential units in Kampala, 80% for purchase of property within Kampala, 60% for an urban plot loan this shouldn’t exceed 80 million,60% for equity release loans of the property value as given by our valuer and Maximum 30 million shs for Growing house.

Repayment Term:

Not exceeding 20 years for residential units, and commercial residential properties and 5 years for urban plots and 10 yrs for growing house & equity release.10 years for dollar loans.

Interest Rate:?Variable according to prevailing economic conditions.

Other Charges:

On application, you pay a non-refundable application fee of 0.25% of Loan amount applied but minimum is 200,000/=

Title search fee: – 50,000/= and Opening of boundaries: – 200,000/=.

Valuation and inspection fees will be as follows on submission of the application form: 400,000/= for properties whose value is below 500million, 800,000/= for properties whose value exceeds 500m but less than 1billion and 0. 1% of value for properties whose value is beyond 1 billion.

Facility fee ? 1.25% of loan amount

You will also meet the costs of preparing and registering the mortgage e.g. stamp duty 1% on market value on transfer for property purchase and 0.5% stamp duty on mortgage and External laywers fees 413,000/=


We take a first legal mortgage on the financed property. We also insure the property against fire and other forms of damage at your cost.

Repayment Method:

Through equal monthly installments you repay the amount originally borrowed plus interest and insurance premium. In case of property purchase, the first repayment falls due on the first month following disbursement date. For properties in course of construction, the first repayment falls on the first day of the month following the expiry of eight months construction period commencing on the date of the first advance.

Note:?These are general guidelines and are subject to change depending on the prevailing conditions. We are ready to discuss your needs on an individual basis.

Please come with the following:

Copy of the valid land title.
Copy of the approved building plans.
Bills of quantities of the outstanding work.
Photographs of at least four elevations of the building.
Proof of borrower’s income.
4 passport size photographs.
Identification documents (either a copy of Employer Identity card, Driving permit or a copy of the passport or a voters’ card.) This also applys to Spouses, Gurantors & people given Power of Attorney.
Copy of the sales agreement with details of the property or Sale offer.
Open a Current Account.
Fill in the Credit Reference Bureau Form for clients who don’t have financial cards.
Applicants to provide statutory declarations in lieu of marriage. This is in regards to legal requirements relating to mortgaging matrimonial property. Even if property is not matrimonial, applicant and spouse must provide a statutory declaration.
Ground rent receipts for purchase loans on lease properties.
Income tax clearance certificate
For persons self-employed:

A CompanyAudited financial statements for the past two years,
A certificate of incorporation
Memorandum and articles of association.
Company’s form 7
Bank Statements for 2 years
Sole Proprietors
A certificate of registration, Statement of Particulars & Audited books of accounts & bank statements for 2 yr
Or Tenancy Agreements with a photocopy of title attached.
For Ugandans working and living in the diaspora the following documents must be?notarised:

Application form.
Powers of attorney.
Sale agreement.
Spouses details ie 2 passport photo’s & copy of identification
Vendor or sellers’ requirements;

2 paasport photo’s
Details of spouse ie passport photos+ ID
Copy of identification
Note:?Please note that for purchase cases we don’t accept powers of attorney from vendors. And at the time of disbursing funds, the funds will be disbursed to the Vendors account.

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