Our Custodial Services specialize in efficient processing of pooled funds including pension contributions.

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Processing of Trade Instructions

The bank has capabilities to process trades in a wide range of asset classes such as; Equities, bonds, Treasury bills, fixed deposit receipts, Forex. We enable clients meet their investment objectives by efficiently executing trades domestically, regionally and globally.

Asset Management

We have in place dedicated resources to handle your portfolio in various asset classes like securities through various depositories.

Corporate Actions

The bank provides a complete range of services related to securities in custody such as dividend/interest proceeds collection and related tax treatment, redemptions, splits, subscriptions, conversions, AGM announcements, and proxy voting besides many others.

Proxy Voting

Housing Finance Bank Proxy voting enables you to take full advantage of your membership rights in companies where you hold stocks, and to act in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance. At the client’s instructions, our representative can personally attend the General Meeting and cast votes on behalf of the client according to their instructions.

Income Payment Collection

Housing Finance Bank is experienced in all income proceeds payment collection such as dividend, interest, principal and redemption. We inform our clients in good time of upcoming interest payment, distributions and capital repayments relating to fund assets.

Tax Reclaims

We offer a full suite of services regarding tax compliance and processing for both local and foreign investors. Housing Finance Bank processes tax withholding and reclaims and provides clients with comprehensive information on all applicable tax laws and regulations, double taxation treatment, and tax documentation.

Cash Management Services

The Bank offers a full suite of cash management services for both local and foreign-based investors. In particular, our teams and systems support funds reconciliation, transactions in the Foreign Exchange Marketplace, Spot and Forward transactions execution etc.

Contact Details for Custodial Services

You can contact us on 0417– 707 679/619/771 for any further assistance during working hours.

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