Gain convenient access to flexible funding with the Business Overdraft and meet operating expenses, stock up for business seasons or pay suppliers.

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What you get

  • Interest accrues on only borrowed funds
  • Ability to borrow up to 70% of your average monthly turnover
  • Available for up to 12 months

Acceptable Securities

  • Title deeds
  • Equitable mortgage
  • Discounted FDs/TBs
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Plant and Machinery
  • Kibanja agreements
  • Movable Chattels
  • Lockup titles (sub-leases and certificates issued by the municipal)
  • Stock of goods where applicable
  • Guarantors will be required where necessary
  • Credit life insurance for customers with movable collateral(where applicable)


  • Projected cash flows statements for the business for at least 12 months
  • Bank statement for the last 12 months
  • Proof of Income e.g. tenancy agreements, contracts, LPOs etc
  • Copy of title deed being offered as security
  • Copy of Valuation report prepared by a firm of bank approved valuers
  • Trading Licence
  • Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) registration confirmation form or card

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    Key Features and Charges

    A Mortgage in legal terms refers to ‘the conveyance of title (legal or equitable interest) in real property by borrower to lender for repayment of money or loan. Which simply means that; A Housing Finance Bank Ltd. mortgage is an agreement in which money is lent to a borrower, for home construction, or purchase, buying urban plots or commercial property, using that very property as security.

    Required Documents

    It is easy all you need is:

    • Have an account with us
    • Ascertainable monthly income
    • Have copy of the land title
    • Copy of approved building plans
    • Bills of quantities of outstanding work
    • Photographs of four elevations of the building

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    Terms and Conditions

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    Fees and Charges

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