Corporate Current Account

Our Corporate Current Account is a cheque book account for registered corporate entities that enables ease of transactions through third parties.


  • Opening balance of Ugx 100,000 or USD/GBP/EURO 200.
  • Minimum balance Nil for UGX or USD 50, GBP 25 and EURO 35
  • Ledger fees per entry of UGX 2,000 or USD 1, GBP 1 and EURO
  • Minimum ledger fee per month of UGX 10,500 or USD 5, GBP 2 and EURO 3.
  • Penalty below minimum Nil for UGX, USD 20, GBP 13 and EURO 16.
  • Cheque book issued at account opening
  • Unlimited access to account.
  • Transactions can be made through a third party.


  • Ability to transact through a third party
  • Access to other bank products including loans and overdrafts
  • Unlimited access to the account.

Fees and charges

  • Ugx 2,000 per ledger entry.
  • Monthly charges of UGX 10,500.

Requirements for Limited Liability Company:

  • Proper identification i.e. National ID, passport or driving license for the signatories
  • Reference-known bank customer (at least 6 month with Housing Finance Bnak)/trading license or VAT certificate
  • Initial opening deposit of (100,000/=)
  • Fully completed account opening forms
  • Certificate of incorporation*
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association*
  • Particulars of Directors and secretaries of the company (company form 7)
  • Board Resolution to open an account with Housing Finance Bank

Requirements for other entities like NGO, CBO, Associations, Co-operatives Union, Societies, Trusts:

  • Fully completed Account opening forms
  • Certified copy of the registration certificate
  • Letter to Housing Finance Bank requesting to open up an account
  • Valid identification i.e. National ID, Passport or driving license for the signatories
  • Reference in writing by two account holders who have been with Housing Finance Bank for the last 12 months
  • Registered copy of the constitution/memorandum of Association
  • Initial opening deposit of 100,000/=
  • Minutes of the committee meeting authorizing the application for account opening.

*All copies must be registered with the Registrar of companies and certified as true copies of the respective originals.

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