Short to medium term product designed to provide finance for purchase of agricultural equipment and machinery

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Features and Benefits

  • Affordable interest rates
  • Flexible repayment plans structured to accommodate activity seasonality
  • Facilitates farmers to increase their production and therefore get more income
  • Flexible loan repayment period

This is a loan designed to help customers in the agriculture sector to boost their activities which include.

  • Horticulture (fruits, vegetables, and tubers e.g., ginger)
  • Apiary (Bee keeping)
  • crop production,
  • livestock farming,
  • irrigation,
  • poultry farming/breeding,
  • agricultural trade/marketing,
  • agricultural processing,
  • Agricultural input trade,
  • agricultural produce distribution/transportation.
  • Fish farming


  • Identifiable by means of serial numbers, engine numbers, make, model, etc
  • Purchased from a reputable dealer
  • Moveable and be able to be repossessed
  • The asset must be unencumbered (that is, free and clear of any other claims / prior liens)
  • Borrower Contribution: Depends on the age of the equipment as follows:
    • 1 – 5 yrs 10 – 25%
    • 5 – 8 yrs 25 – 40%
    • 8+ yrs 40% and above
  • Minimum loan amount: UGX 5,000,000 (Uganda Shillings Five million)
  • Disbursement: funds released to equipment vendor upon presentation of verifiable vendor
  • Payment period: depending on age of machine as follows: 1 – 5 yrs (48 months repayment period)

Other Conditions:

  • Grace Period: Maximum of 3 months
  • Repayment Sources:
    • Sale proceeds from agricultural activity
    • Other sources of income

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    Key Features and Charges

    A Mortgage in legal terms refers to ‘the conveyance of title (legal or equitable interest) in real property by borrower to lender for repayment of money or loan. Which simply means that; A Housing Finance Bank Ltd. mortgage is an agreement in which money is lent to a borrower, for home construction, or purchase, buying urban plots or commercial property, using that very property as security.

    Required Documents

    It is easy all you need is:

    • Have an account with us
    • Ascertainable monthly income
    • Have copy of the land title
    • Copy of approved building plans
    • Bills of quantities of outstanding work
    • Photographs of four elevations of the building

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    Terms and Conditions

    Loan Terms and Conditions

    Fees and Charges

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    The property must have a valid land title and building plans with local authority approval Construction must be in permanent materials and the buildings serviced /to be serviced with water and electricity.

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