Shelter Savings Account

Are you looking for an account where you could save for your dream house or any other venture, then the Shelter savings account is right for you. This account will give you greater control on how much you can save while you earn an attractive interest.

Features and Benefits:

  • Opening balance is 110,000/=
  • Minimum balance is 100,000/=
  • Withdrawal are restricted to after 1 years of saving
  • ATM card for depositing only

What you need to get started:

  • Proper identification i.e. valid ID, passport or driving license
  • Referee –known bank customer (with at least 6 months with housing finance Bank/ letter from employer/letter from law firm/LC 1 letter
  • 3 coloured passport size photos
  • Fully completed account opening forms
  • Utility bills/LC1 letter/physical visit with map drawn describing the residential address drawn by bank staff

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