Some of the requirements needed before you can apply for a mortgage include:

Property details

  • Copy of a valid land title
  • Copy of approved building plans
  • Bills of quantities of the outstanding work (in case of construction)
  • Photographs of at least four elevations of the building
  • Copy of a sale agreement (in case of purchase)
  • Environmental impact Assessment report from National Environmental Authority ( NEMA) for projects of Ugx 1bn and above

Income details

  • Proof of borrower's income i.e. Letter from employer if self employed, pay slip for the last 2 month or a Bank statement for the last 12 months
  • Companies have to present audited financial statements, certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of Association, copy of Form 7 and a Bank statement of 2 years.

Applicant's details

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of financial card, valid ID and passport photos
  • Spousal consent or statutory declaration for marital status
  • Certified copies of Company founding documents (in case of self-employed applicants)

What are the costs related to a mortgage?

It is always good to plan for the costs related to the acquisition of your mortgage. Fees payable will cover application fees, title search and credit inquiry, boundary opening and valuation, Stamp duty and transfer fees, as well as arrangement, insurance and legal fees.

Please ask your relationship manager for the breakdown of the fees on your first visit to the branch.

How do you get started?

The initial step is to determine how much you are able to borrow from the Bank. Visit any Housing Finance Bank Branch to discuss the possibility of property ownership and requirements for the loan of your choice

What you need to know in case of a purchase mortgage

  • Identify a property that you desire to purchase. This can be through a friend, your real estate agent, newspaper advert etc
  • Meet with the seller and agree the terms of the purchase
  • Ensure that you have secured at least 20% of the purchase price together with the loan costs
  • Compile the loan requirements for submission to the Bank

What you need to know in case you are applying for a construction mortgage

  • You ought to have either started on your construction or have saved up at least 30% of the construction cost as advised by your architect/ Quantity Surveyor
  • You need to have secured the funds to cover the loan costs
  • Compile the loan requirements for submission to the Bank

For customers applying for Equity release mortgage, ensure that:

  • You have secured the funds to cover the loan costs
  • Compile the loan requirements for submission to the Bank

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