Super savings account is a savings account that offers a saver the best return from his/her savings.

Main Features

  • Minimum balance is UGX 500,000/=
  • One cash withdrawal allowed per month
  • Opening balance is UGX 510,000/=


  • Attractive interest rates
  • Free quarterly statement of account
  • No notice required to make a withdraw
  • No Ledger fees
  • Facilitates access other bank products and services like Bank drafts, outward and inward funds transfers.

Basic Requirements

  • Proper identification i.e. valid ID, Passport or driving license
  • Referee- known bank customer (Atleast 6 months with HFB)/letter from employer/Letter from Law firm/ LC 1 Letter
  • 3 colour passport size photos
  • Fully completed Account opening form(s)
  • Utility bills/LC 1 Letter/ Physical visit with map drawn describing the residential address drawn by bank staff.

For further information, contact us or call +256-41-4259651/2.

Customer Care


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