Housing Finance Bank offers comprehensive Custodial Services to a wide array of clients including; Retirement Benefits Schemes, Investment Clubs, Endowment Funds, Insurance Companies, Fund Managers, and Foreign Institutional Investors etc. The Bank has been a household name since 1967 and is synonymous with trust and long term investments.

Our Custodial Services specialize in efficient processing of pooled funds including pension contributions, investment funds and receipt, delivery as well as safekeeping of related securities and investment assets. The ultimate aim is to foster the growth of pooled investments as well as pension contributions and enhance members’ retirement benefits.

The service is also available to institutions and individuals who wish to have uniquely designed financial plans for their financial assets. The Bank is well-positioned to service local and foreign institutional and individual investors.

Housing Finance Bank Custodial Services is well suited to handle both domestic and cross border processing of trade in securities and assets safekeeping for professional and profitable asset management.

Custodial Service offering includes:

Customers include

  • Retirement Funds (Provident and Pension Funds)
  • Fund Managers
  • Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies
  • Unit Trusts
  • Insurance Companies
  • Investment Clubs
  • Foreign Institutional Investors.
  • Individual Investors

Core services include: -

  • Safekeeping of scheme assets
  • Transaction processing and settlement
  • Processing registration of the assets title documents
  • Collection of income on the investments
  • Undertaking corporate actions
  • Reporting (new)
  • Execution of both local and offshore trade settlements. (modification)

Value-added services include: -

  • Facilitating foreign exchange transactions
  • Tax claims and exemption facilitation

We observe sound processes and procedures to ensure professional service to customers through: -

  • safety and security of assets
  • reliable and efficient information systems
  • custody agreements between Trustees and ourselves
  • Service level agreements between other service providers and ourselves

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