This is a facility designed to support agricultural production and processing through purchase of machinery and inputs.

Main Features

  • Loan period is up to 36 months
  • Repayable through equal instalments whose amounts depend on the projected cash flow of the agricultural activity.


  • Flexible loan repayment tailored to activity financed
  • Grace periods are offered
  • Multiple disbursements offered to accommodate different stages of the production cycle.

Basic Requirements

  • Possession of a current, classic or premium savings account with Housing Finance Bank.
  • Project must be carried out on a profitable/commercial scale
  • Proof of additional source of income where applicable
  • Experience in agricultural activity to be financed with ascertainable cash flows
  • Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) registration confirmation form or card.

For further information, contact us or call +256-41-4259651/2.

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